Content & Management

Card Contents


Landing Page


The MusiCards landing page can be designed according to the issuer’s needs. All information and links are provided by the issuer.


Link to Streaming


MusiCards work with all streaming services on which the content is available. Playlists can also be copied over to all streaming services for you. The integration ensures the correct app is started if installed on the user’s device.


Social Media Integration


Add links to your social media profiles and provide contact details. This is especially useful when the card also serves as a business card.

Cloud Management


Change target content


All links can be changed at any time, even after the cards have been distributed.

Update your content, add new music, share your latest creations.


Extensive analytics


As a MusiCards issuer, you can track and analyse user behaviour down to the details. Analyse the popularity of your content among your audience.




Take advantage of the landing page and reach out to your audience. Engage with users the moment they want to stream your media – Display upcoming concerts nearby, surprise loyal users, honour a sponsor.