About Us

Physical Form, Virtual Content



Do you know the excitement of browsing in a box full of vinyls looking for new inspiration? Do you remember the joy in holding a brand new CD of your favorite band? Have you ever felt the motivation to buy an album after seeing an amazing concert?


Over the years the way we stream media has changed. Alongside the growth in the popularity of computers came the option of streaming and storing media without any additional objects. It seemed like sharing music in a physical form is a need that will soon disappear.Β 

And yet it didn’t. It didn’t disappear because we like to collect. We like the idea of handing over our media in a way that will trigger interest. Having our media as something we can touch, something to look at, to flip over, to carry in our bag. We like the ability to β€œhold” our music in our hands.

MusiCards Offer a solution that balances the need to have our media in a physical form and the wish to stream it anywhere, anytime. With MusiCards we take the rich experience offered by the physical object, the multi-sensory aspect, and match it up with today’s speed and technology.

Our Story


Peter Rullmann launched MusiCards in 2017. He came up with the idea of MusiCards while he was studying computer sciences. Being an early adopter of MP3 and digital music made him realise what it means to access virtually any song in the world via Napster and later Spotify. On the other hand, CDs and Tapes seemed to still give a deeper feeling of intimacy and dearness. When turned into a single line behind a computer screen those Albums lost those feelings. Music in its virtual form lacks the authenticity the Compact Cassette, the CD and the vinyl record have. These are objects which you can feel and explore, they have a fixed place in your space, visible to friends, constantly reminding you of your musical identity.

Being interested in the relationship between people and technology Peter started to search for a way to preserve the authenticity of music in a physical form and adjust it to the new technologies on the market.

In 2004 Peter created the first prototype of the MusiCards But it felt like this product is ahead of its time, since even the smartphones were not popular in the market yet.

12 years later, in 2016, with smartphones and streaming technology being everywhere, it seemed like the market is ready and the next version of MusiCards was created.

In 2017 Peter set foot in the market for the first time by winning the Kreativsonar award.


Today MusiCards serves a wide range of customers – music agencies, musicians, event organizers and more. MusiCards are the ideal business card. With the combination of customized design and content of choice its is easy to share media and promote brands at the same time.