the new physical media for streaming content.
A defined product that bridges the gap between virtual and reality

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Use cases, usage scenarios, target markets


For Labels/Artists:


Sell your album as merch to post-CD music lovers, get detailed usage data and engage in new ways


For DJs/Agencies/Creators:


Hand over your showcase in style, in an immediately usable format and with the persistent appearance it deserves


For Sponsors/Marketeers:


Physically distribute your own sampler and let your target audience cherish the memories, always connected with your brand


For Publishers/Advertisers:


Add streaming content to a magazine and let it stand out. Just like a CD, but for today’s audience and without hunting for usage rights.



For Retail/Event-Organizers


Buy a rewritable card and create a mixtape for your crush. Or give your guests a souvenir combining music with tailored engagement.

Card usage

Easy usage on any smartphone and with any streaming service

Multiple variants of cards are available, from basic carton cards to elaborate objects with a premium feel or even with a booklet, just like a CD

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Card Contents


Landing Page


The MusiCards landing page can be configured to the issuer’s needs.

The logic is constantly updated to always ensure a seamless listening experience on any device and operating system.

Link to Streaming


Deeplink directly into all streaming services where the specific album is available.

Playlists can be copied over to all streaming services for you.

The integration ensures the correct app is started if installed on the user’s device.

Social Media Integration


Add links to your social media presences and other contact details. This is especially useful when the card also serves as a business card.

Cloud Management


Change target content


All links can be changed at any time, even after the cards have been distributed.

Imagine you can sell a MusiCard of the live recording at a concert and make the recording itself available afterwards

Extensive analytics


As a card issuer, you can track and analyse user behaviour in much more detail than is possible through Spotify.



Leverage the point of contact and define campaigns to engage with users in the moment they want to listen to your music.
Display upcoming concerts nearby, surprise loyal users, honour a sponsor.


No CDs, No Cry

Many people can’t play CDs anymore

Changeable content

No content rights required to publish sampler

Enriched content

I want my MusiCards

Direct contact to user

Better user tracking and analytics

Engagement at moment of usage

It’s unique and fascinating

More than Streaming

3D presence, stands out, has a feel

Anchor for emotions, not just a link

Can be handed out, given as a present

Can be a collectible

Supported Streaming Services